onsdag 11 januari 2017

170111 - My familys cats, and earlier cats

I was thinking to publish some photos of my familys cats, and some cats some not are with us anymore... :(

This is Lakrits, my dad and his wifes cat.

Laktrits is chilling.

 Stina, Lakrits little friend.

Lakrits and Stina.

Måne, my moms cat.

 Måne again.

This is Bingo, or we called her Lilla Sys. A homeless little cat I took care of when I found her outside my work. She only stayed with me in 2 days, then she was taken care of my mom and sister. She loved the cats they had then. Bingo is not with us anymore :(

Bingo, little older. 

This is Max, or Masse. A cats that my sisters boyfriend had, later my sisters. Max was a Cornish Rex. Max is not with us anymore... :(

Here is Max again. 

Max and Leo, Leo or "Lille" was my sisters cat, he was a Devon Rex and is not with us anymore... :(

Leo and Max was good friends!

Leo, o "Lille", a pretty funny Devon Rex.

 Lille was sometimes a real "gangsta"...

But he had sweet little t-shirts, but I think he didn't liked them...


A funny picture, when Leo is washing himself.

My sisters new cat, he has many names, I call him Snöboll, My sister call him Rubiks, my mom call him Manou and my dad call him Fräcka Frikadellen.

The choise of names he has, is maybe we don't really know if it is a cat, or something else... Or is it something from the movie "Braindead"?

Lets call him Rubiks, it's his birth-name.

Rubiks is eating!

UPDATE 170115! I had not forgot my moms cat Bandy, I just din't find any pictures of him. But I cleaned my old computer and found some. Sadly, he is not with us any more... :(


Bandy is outside.

Bandy again.

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